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What Our Customers Say…

Silver Spurs Equine has been using the Rice Hull Bedding from PerrmaStall for a few years now. We are very pleased with the service we have received. PermaStall always delivers to us as promised and they are very pleasant and very professional. This product is an excellent option for facilities that have their waste hauled off site. It has saved us considerable fees as it takes up less space and weight in the bin. There is also minimal odor in the barn using this product and it is very easy to clean the stalls. Thank you PermaStall. We rely on you and you are always there for us.
Jacquie DeDona
Office Manager Silver Spurs Equine

I love Perma Stall rice hull bedding. It provides a soft and cushiony floor for the hoses to lie on, prevents ammonia odors, and is easy to clean. It keeps the stall cleaner and dryer for much longer periods of time than conventional bedding, which decreases both workload and money spent on bedding. Daily maintenance requires that the manure be removed; wet spots require attention only when they rise to the surface of the bedding . I have several special-needs horses, one of whom is 32 years old, one of whom
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has respiratory issues, and two who have ring bone. All of the horses with chronic conditions have improved since switching to Perma Stall bedding. One of my rescue horses came to me with huge open and draining elbow boils; I was told that these had been present and non-healing for years. After being on Perma Stall bedding for less than 4 months, the elbow boils completely healed. I see all of the horses laying down much more to sleep and rest since switching to Perma Stall. As well as the bedding itself, I love Perma Stall Wash and the Stall rakes. The spray is a natural herbal spray that leaves the barn smelling fresh and clean, helps prevent barn odors, and helps to deter insects. The fine-tine rake makes removing manure piles easy without removing any of the unsoiled bedding.

Catherine A. Carlson
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