Perma Stall Rice Hull Bedding

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As owner and ultimate caretaker for your horses and livestock, you will benefit from using Perma Stall Rice Hull Bedding:

Economically – through lower labor, and veterinary costs.
Physically – by a significantly decreased amount of muck, resulting in lighter wheel barrow loads, reduced clean-up schedules and significantly reduces labor haul-off expenses.

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Perma Stall Rice Hull Bedding

Perma Stall Rice Hull bedding is specially treated with enzymes and other organic ingredients to create a soft bedding that absorbs and virtually eliminates odor without requiring huge amounts of removal of bedding.  It is a light-weight bedding reducing a heavy shovel full of waste.

When using Perma Stall Bedding you DO NOT much out your stalls every day.  When used properly, Perma Stall can last months in the stalls depending upon your cleaning habits.

Breathing in urine (ammonia) odors is bad for your health as well as for horses and other animals.

When exposed to low amounts of urine (ammonia) odors you can develop nose and throat irritation leading to coughing.

High exposure to urine (ammonia) odors can lead to more serious problems such as blindness, lung damage, etc.  Performance horses of all types, Polo, Reigning, Cutting, etc. require their lungs to be in the best of health.

Because Perma Stall bedding does not compact and is a soft bedding, the horses love to lay down and rest, which is good for their muscles and well as their bones.

Perma Stall Bedding reduces the amounts of insects and bugs drawn to your stalls and barns.

Perma Stall Premium Rice Hulls

  • Virtually Non-Allergen
  • Non-Combustible
  • Dust Free/Cleaned
  • Virtually No Urine Odor
  • Stays Dryer
  • Lasts Longer
  • No More Mucking Out Stalls
  • Softer Bedding
  • Doesn’t Compact
  • Therapeutic
  • Reduces Muck Heap Up to 70%
  • Reduces Haul-Off Expenses

Installation Instructions

The Perma Stall Bag has the complete instructions on the back of the bag in English and Spanish.

Figures and recommendations are based on an average horse and stall size (12 x 12), so please remember all horses treat stall differently and may require additional attention.


  1. Remove all old stall bedding
  2. Optional, but highly recommended. Spray stall(s) generously with Perma Stall wash to disinfect and deodorize the stall(s).
  3. Add approximately 9 to 10 bags of Perma Stall bedding. (Bedding should be a minimal 4 to 5 inches inches in depth throughout the stall.


Remove all solid waste twice daily by gently by placing your manure fork under the waste and pulling the fork up.  With a gentle bounce to the fork, most of the bedding will fall through allowing you to dispose of the manure and not large amounts of your bedding.


Brush back dry hulls from your wet spot and shovel down to your mat to remove the wet bedding only.  The remainder of the clean bedding remains.  Add more bedding as needed. This may be done on a daily or even up to 7 days depending if your horse is on mats or dirt. If you are on good draining dirt, you only need to remove the manure.


Perma Stall can be shipped direct to you in bags, totes, or bulk loose.

Call for specifics please.

5 reviews for Perma Stall Rice Hull Bedding

  1. Jacquie DeDona

    Silver Spurs Equine has been using the Rice Hull Bedding from PerrmaStall for a few years now. We are very pleased with the service we have received. PermaStall always delivers to us as promised and they are very pleasant and very professional. This product is an excellent option for facilities that have their waste hauled off site. It has saved us considerable fees as it takes up less space and weight in the bin. There is also minimal odor in the barn using this product and it is very easy to clean the stalls. Thank you PermaStall. We rely on you and you are always there for us.

  2. Catherine A. Carlson

    I love Perma Stall rice hull bedding. It provides a soft and cushiony floor for the horses to lie on, prevents ammonia odors, and is easy to clean. It keeps the stall cleaner and dryer for much longer periods of time than conventional bedding, which decreases both workload and money spent on bedding. Daily maintenance requires that the manure be removed; wet spots require attention only when they rise to the surface of the bedding . I have several special-needs horses, one of whom is 32 years old, one of whom has respiratory issues, and two who have ring bone. All of the horses with chronic conditions have improved since switching to Perma Stall bedding. One of my rescue horses came to me with huge open and draining elbow boils; I was told that these had been present and non-healing for years.

    After being on Perma Stall bedding for less than 4 months, the elbow boils completely healed. I see all of the horses laying down much more to sleep and rest since switching to Perma Stall. As well as the bedding itself, I love Perma Stall Wash and the Stall rakes. The spray is a natural herbal spray that leaves the barn smelling fresh and clean, helps prevent barn odors, and helps to deter insects. The fine-tine rake makes removing manure piles easy without removing any of the unsoiled bedding.

  3. Jack

    I have been using Perma Stall for 10 years. I have no odor in my stalls and less insects and flys. My horses white socks stay white.

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